Shades Of Night Descending (KR​-​38)

by Evoken

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    Clear Beer Vinyl with lots of Brown and Black Splatter.

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Remastered for vinyl... Heavyweight 2xLP Gatefold.
Includes two demos from 1996/1997.

First EVER vinyl release by this legendary US funeral doom band. Also Shades of Night Descending is the first demo of Evoken, released in 1994, and for a debut demo, it is a surprisingly mature creation. Perhaps the music is of the same funeral doom-death variety as found on the later albums, all the way to the excellent Antithesis of Light and A Caress of the Void, but the unrefined production on Shades of Night Descending, with its barren character and heavy echoing sound scape, brings out the nihilism of funeral doom more effectively than the more professional production jobs of the later albums. The atmosphere on the demo is bleaker, even less forgiving, and perhaps even more desperate and repulsive in a positive sense than what can be found on A Caress of the Void. Even the considerably melodic guitar part in "Towers of Frozen Dusk" and other sweeter spots on the demo have a taste of ash and feel of pumice in them; Evoken walks on a musical lava field here, and manages to paint the true meaning of funeral doom in slow death metal colors on the canvas.

In comparison to their later works, this is perhaps the essence of the whole band in the original, pure form. It would be silly to say that some fundamental rule of Evoken's music had changed since then, but for those who wish to have a certain rawness and honesty in what they hear, Shades of Night Descending is a good choice. Considering the year and the fact that this demo was recorded by a very recently formed band, the originality and the merciless exploration of new fields of abrasive nihilism are astounding. What's more, the songwriting and technical performance sound exceptionally evolved, and the demo could well be considered a finished and debugged product, ready to be sold to the eager masses. However, it was to take another four years before they managed to release Embrace the Emptiness, and that speaks volumes of the advanced character of this demo; perhaps the world simply wasn't ready for this yet at that point.

For fans of : Asunder, Disembowelment, UK's Esoteric, Thergothon, Ahab, Skepticism, Mournful Congregation, Mourning Beloveth, Coffins, Otesanek.


released June 19, 2013

John Paradiso - Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Nick Orlando - Guitars
Vince Verkay - Drums
Bill Manley - Bass



all rights reserved


Kreation Records Seattle, Washington

Independent label founded in Seattle, WA 1996.

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: In Graven Image
Through funeral mists , dissonant chant surrounds
Aura of impurity obscured
Cimmerian shadows cast by moonlit skies
Seek solace amid the withered boughs
Winter shrouds the land in twilight frost
Alone to wander the darkened path.....

"With sheets of fog spaced in horrible bands across a sky that curves,recedes,
descends,formed by the most sinister black smoke..."

Beyond the mournful veil of faded sunsets
Graven image etched in timeless sorrow
During the dark hours of winter's misery
Archaic vision of impiety's gift

Evoken winds , speak in sinister shades
Draped in nightfall ,eternal skies
Sanctuary , unfound in labyrinthine courts
The impending silence--discordant....
Track Name: Shades Of Night Descending
"There was no life , no light... A brooding night enveloped all...
Over which darkness and silence reigned supreme"

Gaze into the astral depths
The advent of endlessness
The ill-fated winds of sinister praise
like echoed shrieks as darkness reigns...

Blackened hail shall fall upon the shores of Lethe
As the pitiless winter begins its unending season

Amid the sunless tombs
Tragic symphony of mourning
Abysmal depths have risen
Season of nocturnal reign
Track Name: Towers of Frozen Dusk
Runic blade of crystal skies
Arise the winter of blackest frost
Through the northwinds mournful chant
In frozen mists and dying light

Abyssic darkness descends on funeral wings....

Ancient towers rise before me
Like blades in the midwinter's sky
I kneel before the gates of black
In the etherial fire of dying sunsets

Within the blackest valleys
In Etah's silent grace
frozen moon , cursed lands
Visions of eternal winter

A vision of dark ages yet to come.....

Diabolical winterwinds
A spectral dance of beauty and frost
My journey to the Northlands
A return to evil ways
Track Name: Into The Autumn Shades
Somber shadows mourn the dawn of autumn
Within the forest of eternal grievance
Its twisted and withered trees stand lifeless and barren
Cloaking this ancient burial ground in spectral gloom

Lamentations of the dead
Echo through this desolate twilight

As darkness falls and night reveals
A fearful place of frozen grief
Beneath the wings of this mournful angel
Chilling horror grips the spirits of our funeral
As we fall into eternal September
The procession to interment
A dirge of misery sounds......

Onward into the darkness
Among the doleful shadows
Our graves await in silence
A realm of haunted sleep
The ages of time mean nothing
Perpetual sorrow is born.....

Commence the rites of burial
For the season of mourning is upon us.......
Track Name: The Hills of Arctic Stillness (demo 1996)
From the corner of my eye, a wall of black obscures
A lake of clearest ice becomes a vision of another dimension
For which I have turned from in the pas
A everlasting call, to a forbidden light

The hills of arctic stillness stand silent from afar
As I travel over lands for eons
Only to call you, noble winter's answer

A shrouded form stands motionless, beneath the grey colossal sky
As clouds begin to darken, the onset of nightfall
Now standing before this lake awaiting a distant vision
I am tossed into this darkness only to return to life....
Track Name: Embrace The Emptiness (demo 1996)
Born to darkness,the woods forever stand among the gathering.Upon his eyes the last of the sun's glow.Ascend the candlelit path to where the gift of life is given.Beyond all dream is his ignorance to a serene past.Upon his will you will sleep to an endless dusk.The howls' of an evening's plague of sorrow rides the land in a storm's mist.Glaring in hope to witness the breath of a new dawn.Yet a mystical thought allows him to look upon a sky covered in black satin.Through profane eternity he drinks the nectar of immortality.Searching eons for the darkest of pastures.An emotion filled with such vengeance enrages his coldest heart.As now, the wolves of autumn shriek the call of this,the final night..
Track Name: Outro (demo 1996)
Track Name: Among The Whispering Spirits (demo 1997)
The faint ringing of cathedral bells
Calls me from my sleep
Dissonant in the still black chamber
I rise silently from the damp soil
It is the voice of god...
Whispering of black spirits
Engulfs me as I am drown forward in fevered trance
Beneath the pale shadows, I gaze upon the corruption of flesh
I close my eyes and sleep once again
As the bells of the tower fall silent
My blood is the unblessed host
My robes are the shrouds of the dead
The voice of god summons me no more
Track Name: Outro (demo 1997)